Monday, 31 October 2011

Jo's Cakes is blogging...

Well... I suppose it's time Jo's Cakes had a blog. Everyone's doing it now ~ everyone except me that is! I suppose I should tell you a bit about Jo's Cakes. Jo's Cakes is run by Jo, a 20-something lady from Yorkshire. Home baked cakes are the order of the day, with no shop bought nasties passing through our doors. Having been going since March 2010 as a "professional", I've made and decorated literally hundreds of cakes and I absolutely love it. I love the creative artistic side, which differs totally to my previous job as a secretary - the most creative I got to be there was deciding whether to have a title in bold or underlined! I started Jo's Cakes while I was still working full time, but gradually reduced my hours at my day job until I was made redundant on Good Friday, which turned out to be a very Good Friday for me! I now have a job I love, and get to work from home which is also brill!

So ~ some proper blog news. Last week was a really busy week with cakey orders, with three weddings, an anniversary, a birthday and some Halloween mini cakes (which I totally forgot to take a picture of! What an idiot haha). First up there was Jenny's wedding cake, delivered to The Huntsman Inn, Holmfirth. It was the biggest cake I have ever made, and the heaviest by about a ton! A 16" fruit cake is super heavy. Being pregnant I prefer littler cakes, but I luckily managed to get a nice young man to carry it from the car to the reception venue for me. I think I have inadvertently invented a new World's Strongest Man competition - cake lifting!

The bride loved her cake, and it fitted in perfectly with the rest of her reception venue. What you can't see in the photo is the crystal pillars supporting the top tier ~ I need to sort out my photography skills!

After delivering Jenny's cake it was a quick dash back home to collect Sally's cake for delivery to Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel, nr Pontefract. This was a plain white iced cake which the florist was going to trim up with orchids to match the bride's flowers. After going on the motorway for the first time all by myself :-), I returned home for a nice cup of tea and then finished Dean and Emma's cake which was due for delivery to Crow Hill, Marsden on Saturday. This was a relatively simple cake but reflective of the time of year, and featuring their wedding colours of orange and brown.

Eeek! First blog post done. Hope it was OK - I'll add some photos soon when I get them off my camera xx