Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Barbie-Style Princess Doll Cake

I was asked to make a special cake for a little girl's first birthday, and her mum wanted a very princessy cake. I've done a few princess castles, and a cake with a tiara, but I ended up doing something a bit different to my usual cakes. 

I baked the cakes in a Pyrex bowl which took forever (about 5 hours!!) but I think that may be down to my oven. The skirt was then decorated with fondant icing and little flowers applied to the underskirt. I had to make a top for the doll pick, as she comes from my supplier naked, and then stuck her in the top of the cake. The doll pick is available in different hair colours, but we went for blonde as my client is blonde (as am I!). 

I then added a few blossom flowers to the base for a bit of extra interest, and my first princess doll cake was finito! I was really pleased with how she turned out, as was my client. I'm also glad the cake survived the drive to the next village - her skirt hung over the board a bit, and I was scared it would break in transit but I packed her with good old kitchen roll and she got there in one piece! xx

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