Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christening Cakes

I thought I'd share a few christening cakes I've done this year, seeing as my blog so far is about wedding and birthday cakes! I can't wait to plan our baby's christening. I've still got the top tier of my wedding cake from two years ago and am definitely going to incorporate that somewhere into the design of the cake - I've just got to think of how! Oh, and I still need to convince my husband that we need to have a christening. He thinks it's just an excuse for me to have a party hehe. Below are some of my favourite christening cakes that I've done.

I love the mix of different shades of blue on this cake. Everything is edible except the wires in the stars topper.
The presents style of cake proved to be very popular this year,  especially for boys' christenings, but this was the top cake for a christening cupcake tower for a little girl. 

A single tier version of the popular train christening cake, this time with an edible bow trimming the cake. I'm getting quite into making the bows edible - I always think you might as well eat as much of a cake as you can!

I'm sorry for the quality of the picture in this one - I was rushing, and it looked fine on the camera screen but as it turned out, it was rubbish! I love this two tier cake with teeny baby topper. 

This has to be the most popular christening cake design I do - I've done 6 or 7 of these in the last six months! They're brilliant though as they're quite modern and funky, and we can change bits and pieces. This one has some little bootees on the top, but I've done ones with teddy bears and rabbits on the top too. 
Now I've just got to find out which design to do for my own cake. We've been told we're having a baby girl but I don't want to plan a pink one in case she turns out to be a he! xx

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