Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nom nom nom - Giant Cupcakes!

These are possibly the greatest invention ever! It's a cupcake with the ability to feed around 12-15 and can be decorated in a billion different ways. You can have a buttercream topping or fondant, whichever you prefer. The top swirly part and bottom cupcake case part are baked separately, so you can have two flavours of cake as well. They're amazing! Here are some recent ones... 

Giant Cupcake made for a boy's birthday, complete with fondant topping and edible glitter

Pretty ivory and pink giant cupcake with buttercream swirl topping, butterflies and daisies

Fabulous pink and ivory giant cupcake with buttercream swirl topping, edible butterflies and large bow

Giant and "normal" cupcakes, topped with buttercream and butterflies. These were done for a  wedding with a dark purple and ivory colour theme, and were delivered to The Faversham, Leeds.

Navy blue and ivory giant cupcake and "normal" cupcakes, topper with butterflies and buttercream topping. Amazing for a wedding tower, such as this one at the Thorpe Park Hotel, Leeds.
Our giant cupcakes make a great birthday cake and at just £35 are a cost effective way of giving someone something a bit different for their birthday. Alternatively, they look great at the top of a cupcake tower and with our prices starting from £145 for a giant cupcake and 70 normal sized cupcakes, who says wedding cakes have to be expensive? xx

This was a gluten free carrot cake giant I made for a wedding fair demonstration, and it needed eating afterwards (what a shame!). It was scrummy x

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