Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Finding Nemo/Underwater Themed Cake

I made this cake for Claire who is probably one of my best clients - over the years I must have made more cakes for her than anyone else, including family and friends! Her little girl was turning 2 and she had requested an underwater themed cake, so this is what I ended up making for her. 

I was quite shocked to discover when making this cake that Nemo only has one fin/arm, and was stuck in a bit of a dilemma - do I make him with two fins/arms, or one? In the end I pulled one of them off to make him more true to the film, and I actually felt really bad! It's been a while since I saw the film and couldn't remember what happened to him, until it all came flooding back. Poor Nemo. The fish figures are made from fondant and are totally edible, although they look too cute to eat I think. 

I used fondant to create some pebbles and seaweed and stuck a few starfish here and there on the edge of the cake. 

I love doing cakes like this and hopefully the birthday girl loved her lemon cake! xx

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